by Kind of Animal

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Longlostgoners & Call Me Coyote


released December 9, 2016




Kind of Animal Detroit, Michigan

historical sci-fi power ballads to lounge lizard disco tunes

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Track Name: Longlostgoners
What's your plan? You gotta
shake this demon loose!
Or, cave to his demands
and put him to your own use.

With a wave of an unsteady hand
that I could not refuse: I wanted everything,
oh, I wanted more.

Please resist your goodbye impulse.
This time, keep your farewells close.

Now that the crime is committed
more clearly than ever before,
maybe you and I could get used to my being the villain.

May this sickness never catch up with me!
It makes up in determination
for what it lacks in speed.

That old familiar, bitter taste
on the back of my tongue
might spell disaster, might be exactly what I need.

Surrender into the cover:
you are free to destroy yourself.
I'll lay my weapons down, now.
What's a lover but a long lost goner?
You are free to self destruct,
you ain't ever gonna need my help now.
Track Name: Call Me Coyote
Call me "Coyote, the queen of Santa Fe and all of the pretty lights that shine over Los Alamos Range"